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Be A Sport Make Your Staff Part Of Your Sponsorship Drive

September 18th, 2014

ENS Ltd’s MD Rebecca Hopkins, a leading sport PR and Crisis Management expert, shares her tips for involving employees in leveraging sponsorship:

“Despite the recession, companies’ involvement in sponsorship has increased and of those sponsorships, sport has proved that it once again leads the field in attracting corporate bucks.

Having worked in the sports sector for well over a decade, advising blue chips on leveraging sponsorship, it surprises me that employee engagement still features in the drop zone on the campaign programme.

To my mind, the larger the company, the harder the organisation should work to engage its staff, as they have the potential to be the biggest advocates of a brands sponsorship activity. When I first started in the sector, I worked for a brand that invested a significant sum in rugby at a time when the company share-price was at rock bottom. For the weeks immediately following the announcement, each of the sponsorship team endured a conversation with a colleague who would suggest that the sum would be better invested in football (as the national passion) or better still, not invested at all. An interesting turn of events came when the employee reward and recognition scheme was implemented. By ensuring that a large percentage of the workforce had a fair chance to attend matches, win signed memorabilia and meet the stars of the sport, the sponsorship team turned opinion around.

Conversely, despite our strongest recommendations, we have seen brands flat out refuse to provide any associated benefits to staff; on asking one brand manager for his logic in denying a small number of tickets to his colleagues, he explained that the sponsorship was for the benefit of the company, not a jolly for the staff. It is my firmly held belief that the staff are a pretty crucial part of any business and the happier and more involved they feel, the better they perform. By all means, ensure that the sales team are provided the bulk of access, if the strategy behind your sponsorship is essentially networking, but dont exclude the reception staff, loading bay operators, engineers or the HR team simply because they cant always produce a tangible ROI from attending the game. The pleasure and sense of participation you can give them with a match ticket or the chance to meet a star will usually generate more goodwill than you can measure.

Here are my tips for involving employees in leveraging sponsorship:

1. The Hello Factor: if you are using any brand ambassadors to promote your business as part of the sponsorship, make sure they do something that gives employees access to them. Even something simple can be effective, such as a personal appearance in the office, so staff can get autographs and pictures.

2. Share the love: dont make tickets the sole preserve of the sales team! You probably have a raft of people who would love the experience of going to a stadium event, even if the teams or sport involved werent ones they would usually support. For example, consider your receptionist. They rarely get these sorts of perks but since they greet everyone who crosses your office threshold, they have the potential to be very positive advocates of how great your sponsorship is provided they have seen first hand what it is you are doing.

3. Doing it for the kids: a number of companies in sport have become heavily involved in creating initiatives for children dont forget that many of your employees are parents too and probably have sports-mad kids at home. Make sure you find ways to present opportunities to them too.

4. Glamour is relative: dont over-estimate the level at which your staff are prepared to help. For example, one company we worked with asked for volunteers to be human signposts at a top-level event which basically meant they could be standing in the rain for eight hours yet we still received over 5,000 responses and the people selected absolutely loved being involved in something so totally different from their day job.

5. Size isnt important: to my mind, sponsorship starts with something as small as getting a box at a football or rugby club. Even this has the potential to go wrong when one manager, who happens to be a huge fan of the team in question, has made the box their fiefdom rather than a company resource. In tough times, expenditure such as this should be made to work even harder. Involve as many staff as possible in this, much as you would in a major initiative.

ENS assisted BT in staging a staff-engagement event prior to the Singapore summit that saw the IOC announce the winning host city of the 2012 Olympics. BT was a premier partner in supporting Londons bid to host the 2012 Olympics.

With the objective of inspiring staff to Back the Bid online, ENS recommended staging a one-day indoor rowing competition, led by BTs Bid Ambassador James Cracknell, across the four regional head offices (London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff). BT personnel were set two challenges: one was to Crack Cracknell to row further than James did in one minute; the other was to go Rowing for Gold, which involved clocking up kilometres at any chosen speed in a collective attempt to get their building the nearest to Singapore.

The event was staged in such a way that it was open to all staff, including wheelchair users, while employee engagement was maximised through webcasting the event over the company intranet and having challenge results updated every 30 seconds online.

Staff and celebrities took part across four locations with thousands of staff joining in, viewing the events live or signing up to BTs Back the Bid webpage and one staff member, the last to take part, ended up out-rowing James”.

A Modern Water Sport For Modern People- Stand Up Paddles

September 18th, 2014

People love different sports but now a day the popularity of water sports is increasing gradually as it is the most adventures and awesome exercise such that you could make yourself healthy very easily. These games are well liked in the sea regions and rivers area because it is water based game.

Stand up paddle boarding, also known as SUP is a recent sport that is becoming much popular. In this game, you stand upright on the skateboard and use a long paddle to move forward in the water. This activity can be done in sea, rivers, lakes and many other places in which water is associated. You can enjoy your gaming experience in either calm water or moving water; if you like some adventures, then you can try in the storm like situation in the river or sea. .

You need a paddle in addition with the board to make yourself moving in the water. Before choosing the paddle, you should consider its height; always purchase it near about six inches long as compared to your height.

The most interesting fact about stand up paddle is- women are perfect for these games as compared to the men as their center of gravity is slightly lower. Therefore, the women can get the wonderful thrill just by going in the water with the board.

In the market there is various manufactures are available in, you can choose the perfect one as for your requirement and budget. However, always go for the better one as it will be the best and long lasting on the other hand the poor one seems good deal in the beginning but as the time passes you suffers more.

Benefit of water Sport

An adventures game allows you to explore more in water.

It has wider health benefits that help to make you fit.

SUP is very popular among the teenagers as well as all aged people except child. Suppose that you are tensed and want to overcome from it, just get outside from your home with these boards and go on water and start surfing, of course you will get calm. So do not be late go and purchase it.

This game offers you opportunity to see the waves very closely. A modern surfer always loves to surf on the water when getting bigger waves in the sea no doubt it gives them a breathtaking enthusiasm and pleasure.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 – The thrill-filled sport is at its greatest this time

September 14th, 2014

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 takes place being an influence packed and large octane shooter match which the staunch players are going to relish a good deal. Gamers who’ve a nose for unique and remarkable FPS practical experience will certainly be gaga about this match. Using an endless prosperity of sights, appears and also bone chilling taking pictures extravaganza Call of Duty Black Ops 2 offers each participant along with the thrill of a life time.

Brief heritage

Call of Duty Black Ops II has truly been unleashed in the market on thirteenth November of 2012. However, the release in the most awaited franchise of Black Ops 2 has presently been introduced during the month of Might of 2012. Designed below the supervising vigil of Treyarch and introduced in the marketplace by none aside from the famed Activision, this individual shooter series was intended to succeed in the zenith of good results amid its target audience.

Backdrop of your match

One of the most appealing areas about Call of Duty Black Ops II is its history. The storyline of this thrill-filled game has two distant eras as its backdrop. The game kick offs within the earlier fifty percent of 1980’s after which you can it has a tendency to take a plunge into 2025.

The plot

The plot of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 revolves round important characters such as Mike Harper, David Mason, Raul Menendez, Alex Mason, Frank Woods along with other essential types. Mike Harper and David Mason transpires to work to the exclusive forces on the United states of The us. They satisfy Frank Woods as they get to your desired destination that is generally known as The Vault. The Vault occurs to get a remarkably secured locale in which Woods presently stays. Mike Harper in addition to David Mason is actually there in order to elicit vital gen from Woods simply because they think that Woods has obtained some superior degree of information regarding Raul Menendez. Based upon the knowledge, retrieved from Frank Woods, the duo initiatives their procedure of monitoring Raul Menendez.

In the course of this pursuit the fatal duo finds several situations of blood shedding overcome with their archrival Raul Menendez. Apart from blood shedding an excellent range of treacheries and treasons also happen.

Nitty-gritty’s with the activity

Among the list of most interesting areas of the principles of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the fact it exactly follows a particularly sandbox in addition to non linear approach. Though attempting their arms in addition to techniques on this ninth iteration of Black Ops 2 gamers are definitely heading to feel that they tend to be in contrail of your match. In fact, the sport has actually been conceptualized and devised in a very careful style unleashing far more authority into the players. Players can decide to the initial particular person players or they can decide to don the function from the commander from the ground forces.

What industry experts say about Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the ninth iteration with the original variation, continues to be equipped to bag rave reviews from business gurus from many corner in the world. According to astute professionals from the online video activity field, this certain shooter series is totally breathless because of the actual lifetime simulation that it offers into the target audience. The connoisseurs of the gaming field possess a potent effect the ninth model can be a meaningful metamorphosis on the past types.

Contemplating all of the elements of this sport it may perhaps securely be wagered that staunch players are likely to relish each moment of it. It appears like Call of Duty: Black Ops II is certainly at its finest in its ninth version.

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Advanced dental care provided by dentist Delhi.

September 8th, 2014

Cosmetic Dentistry

The customary dentistry by Delhi dentist usually focuses on preventing, diagnosis, oral hygiene and healing oral disease, cosmetic dentistry focuses in attractive the look of a person’s teeth, mouth and overall a charming smile.

cosmetic dentistry also gives restorative reward, like dental fillings is a ordinary process mainly used to treat rotten teeth. Previous dental fillings were composed mostly of amalgam, gold and other materials which give dark spots on the teeth.

These days,Dentist in Delhi, make use of dental fillings which comes in the category of cosmetic dentistry, as they select fillings prepared by porcelain or composite resources which matches color of your teeth, as a result retaining the normal look of your teeth and smile. Different persons might select to get their older fillings changed with new one, tooth-colored fillings to improve their overall oral look.

Dentist Trends of Delhi

Scientifically encroachments in natural-looking, tooth-colored matched dental materials craft these days’ cosmetic dental cures tough and expected than in years precedent. Accept this; dentists Delhi are now using more conventional cosmetic dentistry process to defend as much of your likely tooth appearance as good as possible, depending upon your explicit scientific condition.

Now Cosmetic dentists of Delhi can use parallel technologies as laser by which it can carry out some process necessary for cosmetic cures in their own clinics do not need referrals to specialists. the cosmetic dental method like smile makeovers more at ease and suitable for patients, in addition to helps to lessen healing time.

Dental Implants in Delhi at an affordable price

If you don’t have your natural teeth then you may feel that many things you are missing in your life. First and the mainly visible thing which you miss is your usual smile. And you cannot also take the taste of Dishes. You also suffer a little uncomfortable about eating or talking in public. It may be that your existing teeth are shifting or you experience from muscles injure and headaches. Do you miss the comfort and confidence you once for granted?

This is not an issue either you have lost 1 tooth or several teeth, or this is a current problem or rather you are lived with for years, you’ve never completely adjusted to losing such a essential part of your life.

If you have problem any of the above you are most definitely not alone. However, modern cosmetic dentistry has approach a long way in recent years and there is no need for you to carry on living in discomfort by launching.

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Combine Sport and Craft With Fly Fishing!

September 6th, 2014

There is no sport as versatile or as widespread as fishing. It is a sport that can be undertaken as cheaply or as expensively as you wish. Five year olds in bare feet and overalls can attach a piece of string to a stick, bend a paper clip, and attach a worm and have as much fun as the billionaire fishing enthusiast with a deep sea fishing boat, lines, tackles, rigging, harpoons, shades and champagne. Fishing is a hobby and a living, a sport and a serious occupation.

One of the most popular methods of fishing is fly fishing. Fly fishing is done with a specially designed rod and reel combination that allows the sportsperson to cast their line in the direction of the water and then slowly reel it back in.

Fly fishing is appropriately named. In contrast to lure fishing, fly fishing requires the fisherman to fool the fish into thinking that the fly is one of the fish’s favorite meals skimming along the surface of the water. Lure fishing appeals to the lazy underwater fish, often attracted by shiny metallic objects and enticed to bite on the hook with some piece of edible or edible appearing bait.

Fly fishing is designed to attract fish at specific times of day by their feeding instincts. The lures for fly fishing are called flies, and are in fact a cheaper way to go, generally speaking, than the lures needed in lure fishing. Fly fishers often tie their own flies, using bits of hair and cloth around the house or farm.

Flies are designed to appear as the kind of prey that fish in the specific area are feeding on at a given time. This can include all manner of insects and insect larvae.

Though it rankles on the lure fisher to have it said, fly fishing is a much more challenging form of the sport. The fly fisher must constantly have her arm in motion, casting the line, playing it out and reeling it in patterns made to emulate the movement of the prey species. When a fish is hooked, it takes a skilled fisher to land the animal.

Fly fishing also involves a certain amount of study, in order for the venture to be successful. Fishers must do their research into what kind of species they are hoping to catch, and in turn what kind of species their targets are feeding on. This information can change seasonally, day to day, and even has different applications during different feeding times.

Fly fishing is an excellent way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air while participating in an enjoyable sport and getting some exercise. It takes some practice, but is highly addictive and a sport that never gets old.

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